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  • Date de naissance : 5 septembre 1990
  • Lieu de naissance : Mulhouse
  • Nationalité : Française
  • Situation familiale : Célibataire
  • Résidence : Hua Hin, Thaïlande
  • Professionnel : Depuis Janvier 2013
  • Circuit pro : Asian Tour
  • Ostéopathe : Joris Goepper
  • Coach : John Wither
  • Champion de France U16 et U17
  • Vainqueur des Internationaux d’Italie Amateurs 2010
  • Vainqueur des Internationaux de France Amateurs 2012
  • Vainqueur de la Coupe d’Europe des Clubs 2012
  • Premier français sur l’Asian Tour

A few words about me…

My passion for golf hit me at the age of 6. I held my first shots with Gérard Gonzalez at the Bouleaux Golf Club in Alsace. Gérard and me kept our relationship going until 2010. I have always been a sport passionate and the spirit of sportsmanship has attracted my attention. Deep inside me, the taste for competition and excellence grew.

Although I have been proposed to integrate a youth squad for table tennis when I was 13, my heart always remained on the golf courses. After graduating with a traditional scientific high school degree, I decided to dedicate my live the game of golf.  I am very dedicated. Unfortunately it is very difficult to find decent training condition in Europe especially in the North-East of France, where the climate can be rude and does not fit for ideal golf training conditions. I thought about it…

And I thus decided to travel around the world to find these perfect conditions to practice intensive golf. In 2008 I land in Australia where I will spend two winters and enter the A-Game academy near Brisbane. Over there, I finally could train and develop the full extension of my potential. Since I was training with world class touring pros, I could test myself and establish a benchmark to see where my game was at. Travelling around the world is just a magnificent learning experience because you meet so many different people that will offer you the experience to forge yourself as a person. Daniel Béchu was one of the many personalities I had the opportunity to meet. For the next two years, we would work together on the mental aspect of my game.

Once returned in France in 2009, I joint the prestigious Ormesson Golf Club. This venture would allow me to claim numerous championship titles, in particular French Team championship, the French and the European Team Cup.

End 2010, my collaboration with my coach Gérard Gonzalez comes to an end. On the other hand, I forge interesting links with Nicolas Subrin who already coached me in the Alsace County Squad and the French Youths championships. This new relationship brought me two titles of Under 16 and Under 18 in these competitions.  After affirming myself as a valuable young hope, I have been selected and introduced to the French National Squad. Terre Blanche, one of the main national training centres, is now available to me, allowing me to train within the best infrastructures of the country. The national coaches also brought their spice to the environment, providing me their knowledge and experience of the game.

Two years after my victory at the Italian Amateur, I embrace the title of French International Amateur in 2012. My ambitions started to grow and my short-term objective, which consisted to turn pro, seemed achievable more than ever. Nicolas Subrin and I interact more and more with each other building our close connection. When the falls finally arrives, I took a leap of faith. I decide to give it a shot and fight my way through on the European Tour Q-School. However, I miss the cut by two shots and the chance to succeed to the final stage. Although I keep my thoughts together and far from being discouraged, I establish myself in Thailand to pursue my dream. I really felt like I was ready for the demands of the pro tour.

Once again, in order to escape the rough European winter, I get myself ready for the Asian Tour Q-School. January 2013 marked a turning point for me because did not fail my reset. At the start, 700 fine golf players presented themselves but only 40 of those would access the circuit. After two weeks of fighting, my life is about to change. I finished 6th.

Happier than ever, I  am officially an Asian Tour member. By achieving this first objective of my adult golfing career, I feel relieved. From now on, I will have to work harder than ever before to sharpen my technical, physical and mental skills because the requirements of being a touring pro are demanding. My new life could finally begin…

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Lionel Weber, first french professional golf player on the Asian Tour.

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